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This is the main activity of Therapy in Motion. It consists of individual tuition in the theory and practice of getting back on the road after an accident. Three or four meetings with a Therapy in Motion psychologist are complemented by one or two sessions on the road, putting the theory into practice. This approach helps drivers, passengers, and motorcyclists regain their confidence about travelling in traffic. This service can also be offered to cyclists who have been injured, and who have lost confidence cycling in traffic. The same approach can be used successfully with people who have been injured as pedestrians.

Specialist Assessments

These assessments are designed to help employers understand when an individual who makes their living by driving, is unable to drive their car, motorbike, bicycle, or HGV as the result of a road traffic accident.

Other fears and phobias

The principles used in this approach work with other phobias. If you have had treatment for any other phobia, and it has not worked, this approach may work for you. Contact Therapy in Motion Ltd to discuss this further.