How it works

Pricing: Although this is a bespoke service, TiM Ltd will try to keep the costs down. As a rough indication, if your costs are not covered by insurance, we charge at 0.02% of your annual income per hour, with a minimum charge to cover the costs of office hire, therapist's travel costs, and any professional trainers used. There is a maximum charge applied to individuals who pay the highest levels of tax. To give you an idea, the minimum charge will be £60 p/h for clients seen in London. For clients seen outside London, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire, we will charge for travel, subsistence, and accommodation if necessary. Payment for the first session is made in advance, but is fully refundable with 24 hours’ notice of cancellation.

Putting theory into practice

Before meeting, we will work out that your problem is likely to respond to this sort of approach. We do this over the phone, with a brief discussion about the nature of your difficulty, and what you have tried to do so far to overcome it.

When we meet, you will work out how often we will meet, and for how long. Usually, it will be for three or four meetings for up to one hour. If this proceeds in a helpful way, we will then discuss how to put the theory into practice.

When it comes to putting it into practice, you may find that you can do this by yourself, in which case we pat ourselves on the back, and say our goodbyes. However, if you need more help, for example with being coached while riding your motorcycle, or bicycle, we can try to identify a professional trainer who lives near you.

After a maximum of 4 meetings to cover the assessment and theory, and 2 sessions on-the-road, you may notice a big difference in your problem before treatment. If this result does not come about, then we can discuss the reasons why this might be case, and our TiM Ltd therapist may be able to offer advice about what to do next.