About Us

Therapy in Motion Ltd was established in 2015 by Timothy Acton. He has considerable experience of working in the NHS, and medico-legal practice. His qualifications include a degree in Psychology, a British Psychological Society Diploma in Clinical Psychology, and further post-graduate qualifications in mainstream therapies.


Timothy Acton is an experienced clinical psychologist who has many years’ experience of working in the NHS. In addition to teaching and supervising clinical psychologists and other health professionals in training, Timothy has designed and managed psychological therapy services, including an award-winning specialist service. He has developed a highly effective method of using cognitive therapy to treat some specific phobias. Timothy will discuss his background in psychological therapy, and his work as a consultant, in more detail if you wish to contact him. Over the last 25 years, Timothy has developed an effective and powerful method for helping people overcome their anxieties after road traffic injuries.

Persis Batliwala

Persis Batliwala graduated from Bristol University in 2015 with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Since graduating, Persis has used her business acumen to help set up Therapy in Motion Ltd. Persis oversees the Companies House reporting requirements, as well as filing the annual returns and other company documents. She also maintains the company’s registered office; she maintains the company’s statutory records; and looks after the essential legal documents. In addition to these legal record-keeping and reporting requirements, Persis also has an important role in the efficient administration of Therapy in Motion Ltd, and she has advised on setting up the business admin systems, and ensuring the safekeeping of our confidential records. Persis has also helped design our website, and social media platforms.