Welcome to Therapy in Motion Ltd

Our goal as Therapy in Motion Ltd is to provide high quality, convenient and effective treatment to individuals who have suffered from a road traffic collision, and who remain fearful of getting back on the road, despite their determination, and previous treatment.

Therapy in Motion Ltd works with motorcyclists, cyclists, car users, and HGV drivers, to help get them back on the road, quickly, safely, and with confidence.

Therapy in Motion Ltd will also offer help to pedestrians who have experienced injury from motor vehicles, bicycles, or trip accidents.


The assessment and treatment of these reactions to injury requires a high level of skill. Therapy in Motion Ltd offers such treatment to clients who have not benefitted from therapy they have received elsewhere.

For individuals who have experienced an accident within the last 3 years, and who have not recovered damages for their personal injury, Therapy in Motion Ltd can advise you about how to find an independent Solicitor who may be able to help you.



This is the main activity of Therapy in Motion. It consists of individual tuition in the theory and practice of getting back on the road after an accident. Read More...

Specialist Assessments
These assessments are designed to help employers understand when an individual who makes their living by driving, is unable to drive their car, motorbike, bicycle, or HGV as the result of a road traffic accident. Read More...

Other fears and phobias
The principles used in this approach work with other phobias. If you have had treatment for any other phobia, and it has not worked, this approach may work for you. Read More...

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries, and if you are thinking about beginning your journey with Therapy in Motion Ltd.